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Our services

Standard Operating Procedures (Start-Up)

A step-by-step detailed standard operating procedures report for all aspects of the business typically utilized for start-ups and newer funds/syndicates.

Underwriting & Financial Modeling (Excel, Argus & RedIQ)

Build-out or operate from within in-house financials models to best fit your analysis and forecasting goals. We understand the precise underwriting of a deal is undoubtedly the most significant tool when sizing an opportunity so we take pride in the accuracy and validity of the figures.


An essential component to all funds and syndicates is their ability to discover deals that fit their criteria and objectives. We work alongside a host of brokers to not only present deals but to also manage the entirety of the extensive acquisitions process. Whether you are in the trenches seeking deals and prefer a hands off acquisition approach with a trustworthy professional or in need of a deal shark, we can help.

Asset Management

Maximize property and/or portfolio values and investment returns by building out a definable business plan including attainable and realistic timelines.

CapEx Projects

Budgeting, forecasting and implementation of Capital Expenditure projects.

Investor Reporting

Come time to report distributions to investors, we can help put together a professional presentation while explaining the operations that took place in the given quarter/period.

Capital Markets Analysis

The ability to leverage an opportunity allows investors and investment firms to maximize the potential of their capital. Everyone in the industry should understand that structured debt is considered an asset when acquiring a property or portfolio of properties. Our analysts will provide feedback on the type of loan, rates and terms that best fits your deal.

Sensitivity Analysis

We can provide a plethora of deal sensitivities, outlining what your deal would look like at different price points, cap rates, assumptions, types of debt and more.

Market Research & Analysis

Understanding the ins and outs of the market in which you’re targeting is crucial to the success of your operations. With our access to certain market research and analysis tools, we would alleviate your time spent exploring by providing comprehensive market trends and reports.

Commercial Lease Analysis (Abstracts)

Each and every commercial investor needs to fully comprehend the legal, financial and business implications of any given lease. For residential clients, we offer lease and upside analysis validating their pro forma numbers.




  • Underwriting – Over 600 deals nationwide
  • Acquisitions

    • 60+ deals closed totaling over $115MM

    SOP – Aligned Wealth Partners

    • Start up private equity investment fund in need of a step by step operating process for their commercial real estate firm.
    • 64-unit in Eagle Rock (Acquisitions, Asset Mgmt, CapEx and UW)​

      • Heavy value-add deal in which I ran the full cycle repositioning until stabilized cash-out refinance.
      • Purchase Price (05/2016) – $13,120,000
      • 42% upside
      • Current value – $21,500,000

      30-unit Hollywood Prime, CA (Acquisitions, UW, Asset Mgmt, CapEx)

      • Acquisition for an undervalued asset in a prime location.
      • Purchase Price (12/2017) – $8,625,000
      • 22% upside
      • Current Value – $10,250,000
      • KFC/Dutch Bros Build to suit (Capital Markets Analysis)

      • Build to suit analysis for a private equity bridge debt lender
      • Simon CRE – AZ Strip Shopping Center (UW)

      • Value-add shopping center
      • 51-unit Encino, CA (Acquisitions, Asset Mgmt and UW)

        • Value-add deal
        • Purchase Price (12/2018) – $10,200,000
        • 28% upside
        • Current Value – $14,100,000
        • Deep Creek Motel, Big Bear, CA(Sales broker)

        • Sold this underperforming asset for a long-term client in a tertiary market
        • 26-unit North Hollywood, CA (Structured Debt)

          • Structured the cash-out refinance allowing sponsor to free up capital for other investment opportunities and city required soft-story retrofitting
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